September 8, 2016


Coastal Pavers Pty Ltd

Paving Suppliers Coastal Pavers have over ten years of business consistently providing trusted high quality products which are competitively priced and unbeaten in design versatility and durability.
Paired with their customer service rivalled by none, it's no wonder they have developed a trusted reputation and a rock solid customer base.
Coastal Pavers began when Aristo Pavers ceased trading, purchasing the popular Aristo Pavers driveway paver moulds. Since then they have expanded their range to include the popular Peninsula 500x500 large format paver and more recently a Marina smooth finish 400x400.
Coastal Pavers have also recently included great additions from the Forward Concrete Products Range including car stops, gas slabs and reinforced slabs all produced in 40 mpa concrete.
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Techincal Info

Coastal Pavers exclusively manufacture wet cast concrete pavers.
This method ensures close contact to the pavers' mould producing a smooth and detailed paving finish. After going through several processes to ensure the maximum strength and density have been achieved the pavers are left to cure before being stripped and palleted.
Referrals can be made to local paving specialists who can provide advice on how to install Coastal Pavers' outdoor concrete pavers. There are a number of different sealers and cleaners on the market and your local paving contractor or landscaper will be able to provide you with the best advice in this regard.
Coastal Pavers do not charge a deposit for pallets however please call us on completion of your project to arrange collection of empty pallets. Delivery can be arranged by Coastal Pavers at the customers expense or customers can arrange their own transport or collections.
Coastal Pavers recommend that their pavers are laid from more than one pallet at a time as their products are hand crafted and therefore some minor shade variation may occur from pallet to pallet.
Coastal Pavers products are stringently tested and are consistently reviewed for quality assurance.